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 Format and rules.

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PostSubject: Format and rules.   Fri Oct 30, 2009 7:12 am

* Title for requests, example: [100 Deagle ammo] Firstname_Lastname
* In order to get a refund you must provide a screen shot of your lost item, plus show what day and time it is on the screenshot. You can get the time & date by typing /time as you screen shot it.
* Only witnesses that could help you are admins and helpers.
* Trying to fool us will lead to a permanent forum ban and one week game ban.
* To get a refund the screenshot must be maximum 2 days old.
* Threads without screenshots OR staff witnesses will be trashed without refund. Same goes to wrongly formatted ones.


[b]In-Game Name:[/b]
[b]Date of when you lost your item:[/b]
[b]How did you loose your item?:[/b]

Use to store your images. Do NOT upload them to forum.
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Format and rules.
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