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PostSubject: Donations.   Sun Jan 17, 2010 6:59 am

Donate to County Roleplay.


  • $2.150.000 are given to every 15€/10£/US$20 donator.
  • Donator status ingame.
  • Car health is added to speedometer.
  • Ability to change a phone number. /report or PM an admin with the new number. (must be between 100 and 999999)
  • Free name changes every 2 weeks.


  • Do NOT spam me or any admin ingame/on forums with requests to get your money if you did no get a forum PM from me.
  • Refunds are not possible, because your donated money most likely gets spent in next bill.

Money go to improve the server hardware/software and to fund the server renting.

Send 15€/10£/US$20 to through PayPal.
Then send me a forum PM with your PayPal account and ingame name.
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